Lupit pole grip

Lupit pole grip

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Suitable for pole dancers who struggle with sweaty palms, slipping on the pole and reduced confidence due to difficulty with grip. Use the black side of the pillow to apply added grip to the pole’s surface.


Simply run the black side of the pillow along the length of the pole for it to take effect. Then, use the pink side of the pillow to run it across your skin.


The two sides of the pillow work together to provide an extra layer of grip to make sure that you aren’t going anywhere! 

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    • Solves the problem of wet, sweating hands causing slippery grip on the pole (use the pink side of the pillow)
    • Can be used to treat the surface of the dance pole for better grip and to increase the friction (use the black side of the pillow)
    • Very handy, the shape of a small pillow 12 x 12 cm
    • Less skin burn at drops and tricks
    • Works with all known pole coatings: stainless steel, chrome, brass, powder paint coating
    • Lasts for a longer time, many usages
    • Extremely hydrophobic nano substance will keep the sweat and water away from the pole and hands

    PACKAGE:Dimensions: 12x12cm

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